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Travel Blog

The GTspirit Travel Blog takes you along on some unforgettable journeys. The GTspirit team travels around the world on a daily basis and here we share our experiences, tips and stories with you. Do you have tips about unique hotels, extraordinary road trips or luxury destinations we should visit or blog about? Let us know!

Mercedes-Benz Road Trip 2014 Day 4: Louisville to Detroit

The last day of the Mercedes-Benz Road Trip 2014 is already with us. After three eventful days the last leg brings us to the...

Mercedes-Benz Road Trip 2014 Day 3: Nashville to Louisville

After a pretty eventful first and second day, day 3 marks the shortest leg of the trip! Yesterdays route took us from Nashville, Tennessee...

Mercedes-Benz Road Trip 2014 Day 2: Meridian to Nashville

After an incredible first day of #MBRT14 from Houston to Meridian, where we encountered everything from alligators to German Campervans and fugitives to the...

Mercedes-Benz Road Trip 2014 Day 1: Houston to Meridian

Day 1 of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz road trip, otherwise referred to as #MBRT14 saw the flag drop yesterday! We left the metropole of Houston...

Speed Sector Greek Road Trip: Athens to Arachova

Greece is currently facing one of the worst economic downturns in history and as a result it seems the the country only faces negative...

GTspirit Top 10 Luxury Hotels & Resorts 2014

Over the last couple of years the GTspirit Team stayed in hundreds of different hotels and resorts all over the world. Based on our...
GT Road Trip 2013

Epic GT Road Trip in Aix Les Bains, France

A new GT and supercar club in France dubbed GT Road Trip recently launched with a bang by holding an epic supercar and sports...