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Travel Blog

The GTspirit Travel Blog takes you along on some unforgettable journeys. The GTspirit team travels around the world on a daily basis and here we share our experiences, tips and stories with you. Do you have tips about unique hotels, extraordinary road trips or luxury destinations we should visit or blog about? Let us know!

Special Report: Cuba Roadtrip with the Audi Q2

For the first time since the 1950s a car launch took place in Cuba. The country in the Caribbean has been very closed since...

Ashford Castle Hotel Review

Who wouldn't want to feel like the Lord of a Castle? I have travelled to the little village of Cong, about 40 km north...

Vestlia Resort Norway Hotel Review

During a two-day ice driving adventure with Tesla Motors in the heart of Norway, we had the pleasure of staying a night at Vestlia...

Wedelhütte Ski Lodge Austria Review

GTspirit always strives to find the most luxurious and unique locations to stay at. Since it's winter time in Europe, we wanted to combine...
Italian authorities search Lamborghini headquarters

A Weekend With the Lamborghini Huracan in Italy

GTspirit photographer David Kaiser spent a weekend in Italy with a beautiful Lamborghini Huracan. Enjoy his story and photos from 72 hours with the...

Andaz Amsterdam Hotel Review

Last weekend we visited the Netherlands’ financial and cultural capital: Amsterdam. Thanks to the stunning museums, canals, “coffee shops” and the red light district,...

Cut 45 Park Lane by Wolfgang Puck Review

There is no shortage of great eateries in London as the city is a smelting pot of cultures and is awash with restaurants that...
Alpinresort Schillerkopf

Alpinresort Schillerkopf Hotel Review

As usual, this year's GTspirit Tour began at the Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Stuttgart from where we headed down to Lake Constance, central Europe's third...

Special Report: GTspirit Tour 2015

Last month the GTspirit team embarked on a five day road trip from Stuttgart to Turin and back. Our second annual GTspirit Tour was...

Bentley Supercar Trip In Mexico

Despite having a gorgeous dealer in one of the most exclusive areas in México City, Bentley has learnt that one of the best ways...